Features and steps for obtaining a cashback credit card from CIB

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Features and steps for obtaining a cashback credit card from CIB

The Economy website lists the advantages and steps for obtaining a cashback credit card from CIB.

The Commercial International Bank said that the CIB Cashback credit card provides a cashback of up to 500 pounds, to be added monthly to the card when you use it to pay for your needs inside Egypt.

Up to 5% cashback on select merchant categories, including gas, dining, groceries, and apparel* The money returned is deposited automatically in your Credit Card every month.

The card comes with a complimentary SMS service that helps you track your spending.

Take advantage of an interest-free period of up to 55 days per purchase, and cash withdrawal of up to 100% of the credit limit.

Use your Cashback credit card anywhere in the world.

Access to exclusive CIB offers, discounts and installments, with our partner merchants.

High security is guaranteed through SMS alerts on transactions, monthly statements and secure e-payment.

Get coverage for total permanent disability, critical illness, risk of death, loss of wallet and personal identification paper as well as travel insurance, with our Credit Shield.

Issue up to four free supplementary cards for your family members, to manage your spending easily.

Now, with just a simple tap you can pay for your everyday small purchases up to EGP 600 without needing to enter the PIN for purchases. To know more about the merchants who support the new Contactless feature, click here.Interested to know more about CIB Contactless feature, check our FAQs, click here.

Required Documents

Copy of valid National ID
Recent utility bill (within the past 3 months)
Income proof (an HR letter or 3 pay slips within the past 6 months)
Other documents may be requested

How to apply for the card

Apply online with the below link or complete an application form at one of our branches
Provide the required documents
If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation SMS and the Credit card will be delivered to the address you mentioned in the application form

The fees and charges for the Cashback Credit Card

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