Dubai seeks to be the first city in the world to provide taxi services

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Dubai seeks to be the first city in the world to provide taxi services

Dubai is moving towards shaping the future of sustainable mobility by focusing on anticipating the future and adopting sustainable strategic projects that support the economy, keeping pace with global and future trends in the fields of transportation and roads, and redoubling efforts aimed at strengthening Dubai’s global leadership position in providing innovative services to all segments of society.

In this context, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority is working according to a road map that aims to achieve zero carbon emissions for mass transportation by the year 2050. Within this integrated map, Dubai is moving at a rapid pace to become the first city in the world to provide unmanned air taxi services.

The 18th edition of the Dubai Airshow, which will be held from November 13 to 17 at Dubai World Central (DWC), is expected to witness the launch of a new pavilion dedicated to the unmanned air transport solutions sector.

This pavilion will help highlight industry players at the regional and global levels, and explore future sustainable aviation technologies that will have a significant impact on the travel sector.

Various solutions at the Dubai Airshow:

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to explore a variety of air transport solutions, including: drones, urban air mobility aircraft, and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, which will be present in the new sector pavilion at the exhibition.

This sector will also present at the exhibition a group of direct demonstrations of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to showcase the future capabilities of this type of aviation used in the field of urban mobility.

The exhibition activities will also include a conference on the unmanned air transport solutions sector with the participation of a large group of leaders and experts to shed light on the latest technologies that will improve the travel experience, in addition to the regulations and infrastructure necessary to integrate the concept of unmanned air transport solutions into our daily lives, within the framework of the exhibition’s endeavor to provide A platform for regional and international companies to explore future technologies in the sustainable air transport solutions sector, which will revolutionize the air travel industry.

The launch of the air taxi in the skies of Dubai:

It is planned that air taxis will begin flying in the skies of Dubai within three years, with plans to develop air taxi stations as part of the infrastructure of Dubai’s air mobility network to facilitate the way people move across urban areas in a safe, smooth and sustainable way.

In this regard, the General Civil Aviation Authority of the UAE and the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced the signing of an agreement to establish the first integrated center for unmanned air transport solutions in Dubai, with the aim of launching the first process of issuing an accreditation certificate for a vertical airport in the world as part of the development of the project, which would To help promote the growth of the sector at the international level, which confirms Dubai’s leading position in this field at the global level.

Huge market value:

Expectations indicate that the next few years will witness a major transformation in the unmanned air transport solutions sector, as new and innovative methods in the field of air transport contribute to developing the future of the sector at an accelerated pace.

The global market value of the sector is expected to reach $16.81 billion in 2025, and reach more than $110 billion in 2035, recording a compound annual growth rate of 21.7%. This steady growth is accompanied by the development of a wide range of innovative solutions for shipping and air travel, in addition to the development of a set of regulations, resources and infrastructure.

Many advantages of air taxi:

Air taxi vehicles are distinguished by the ability to take off and land vertically. They are sustainable, environmentally friendly vehicles, powered by electricity, and do not cause any environmental emissions. They are also characterized by safety, comfort and speed. Their range reaches a maximum of 241.4 kilometers, and their maximum speed is 300 kilometers per hour. The capacity can accommodate four passengers in addition to the air taxi pilot.

The (air taxi) project is expected to contribute to reducing the travel time from Dubai International Airport to Palm Jumeirah from 46 minutes to six minutes, in addition to reducing congestion on the roads, while the project contributes to achieving zero carbon emissions and confronting environmental challenges.

The deployment of air taxi vehicles is part of Dubai’s agenda to adopt the latest innovations in the field of sustainable transportation solutions, through a series of projects of a futuristic nature with the highest international specifications and at the same time taking into account the environmental dimension, which constitutes an important priority in order to enhance Dubai’s leadership as a development model based on advanced thinking that puts people’s comfort at ease. Their happiness and the safety and preservation of the environment are top priorities.

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