Details of using the Harvest Rewards Program from Riyad Saudi Bank

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Details of using the Harvest Rewards Program from Riyad Saudi Bank

The Economy website monitors the details of using the Harvest Rewards Program from Riyad Saudi Bank.

The Harvest Rewards Program has become more comprehensive with the digital Harvest Mall platform to redeem Harvest points digitally.. locally and globally through a distinguished group of exclusive Harvest partners. All you have to do is collect Harvest points with your daily banking operations using any of the Riyad Bank cards included in the Harvest Program.

How do I join the rewards program and collect more points?

It is a rewards program offered by Riyad Bank in appreciation of our customers, whereby they can earn Harvest points through their banking operations, such as: paying bills through digital channels, using ATM cards at points of sale, and using credit cards for purchases locally and internationally… and many other operations that enable them to obtain Get Harvest points and exchange them for vouchers and rewards that suit their lifestyle at a wide range of Harvest dealers in the Kingdom and abroad.

You are automatically enrolled in the Harvest Rewards Program when you get Riyad Bank credit cards, except for the digital card and the prepaid card.

And if you are not a Riyad Bank credit card holder, you can join the program through the Harvest program page in Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile.

How can I get the digital voucher?
You can buy the digital voucher by redeeming your points or using any of Riyad Bank credit cards, mada, for you or a loved one and enjoy a special group of Harvest partners.

Steps to get the digital voucher:

Go to the Harvest Rewards Program page
Choose the points redemption page
You will be presented with the option to enter the digital Harvest mall
After you agree to the terms and conditions, you can choose your preferred merchant in Harvest Mall and choose the appropriate payment method for you
When your order is completed successfully, you will receive an order confirmation message to provide you with your order details and another message containing the digital voucher that you can use at the merchant

The digital voucher (barcode) must be displayed for stores that you can visit their branches through your phone, and for electronic stores, you can copy the number at the bottom of the card and use it on the merchant’s website or application according to the merchant’s terms and conditions.

What is Harvest Mall Digital?
It is a platform for redeeming Harvest points for digital vouchers. The Harvest Mall platform provides a wide range of merchants, locally and internationally, that suits the lifestyle of Riyad Bank customers. And because we strive to achieve the aspirations of our customers, we have been keen to offer you the experience of redeeming distinguished points from brands exclusive to Riyad Bank customers.

Advantages of digital Harvest mall?
Redeeming points with digital vouchers so that you can display them to the merchant through your phone, according to the terms and conditions of the merchant, so that some merchants provide the option to redeem online without the need to visit the merchant’s branches
You can share the digital voucher with your friends or family member by sending it via text message or email
Easily add the redeemed digital voucher to Apple Wallet as soon as it is received for Apple users
For online stores, you can use your card number located under the card in the merchant’s website or application
Digital Harvest Card It is a digital voucher that is accepted at several stores (selected) and you can redeem your points to get them and use them at any of the participating stores.

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