Details and features of the Visa Silver Credit Card from Saudi Bank Albilad

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Details and features of the Visa Silver Credit Card from Saudi Bank Albilad

The Economy website presents the details and features of the Visa Silver Credit Card from Saudi Bank Albilad.

The Albilad Silver Visa Card gives you a lot of options and offers that suit your aspirations. Whether you are a card user for shopping, want to travel, or want to buy online, Albilad Visa Silver Card is your best choice.

Features of the Visa Silver Credit Card from Bank Albilad

Compliant with the rules of the Shariah Committee
The ability to use the card for purchases online, in stores or at ATMs in Saudi Arabia and around the world
Ease of adding the card in Apple Pay and mada Pay
Obtaining an account statement periodically.
Pay the outstanding card account balance in full every 50 days maximum
Follow up on your purchases via text messages.
Take advantage of Albilad Rewards Program to get travel and tourism rewards, vouchers or even cashback!
Competitive rate for foreign exchange and exchange when shopping around the world.
Obtaining many services through Bank Albilad electronic channels

Monthly Profit Margin: No monthly profit margin is calculated.
Annual Percentage Rate: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is not calculated.
The minimum payment and the number of months to pay off the card: Assuming that the credit limit of the card is 5000 thousand riyals, and 400 riyals have been used, then 400 will be deducted on the due day of the Gregorian month following the month of use.

Card issuance fees ​200 riyals
Principal Card Annual Fee 200 riyals
Supplementary Card Annual Fee 100 riyals
Replacement Card Fee 100 riyals
International replacement card issuance fee 250 riyals
cash withdrawal fee 20 riyals per transaction
Additional alternate account statement 20 riyals
Objection to operation 50 riyals
Optional Source (OIF) for transactions whose currency is different from the riyal 1.15%

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