Details and features of Madad prepaid cards from Saudi Bank Albilad

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Details and features of Madad prepaid cards from Saudi Bank Albilad

The Economy website displays the details and features of Madad prepaid cards from Albilad Saudi Bank.

Bank Albilad seeks to provide an exceptional experience for its customers by developing distinctive Madad cards that help you control your expenses, and can be used anytime and anywhere easily and safely; This makes the Madad cards from Bank Albilad the perfect solution to manage your personal expenses for you and your family members.

You can easily transfer any amount from your current account in Bank Albilad to a Madad card, and the card can be charged using Albilad Net website or Albilad application for smart devices.

Advantages of a Midad Card from Bank Albilad

Accessible to all: family, friends, employees etc…
The possibility of issuing it online across the country, so that we can deliver it to your place.
Ease of the purchase and online shopping process with utmost security.
Compliant with the regulations of the Shariah Committee.
The possibility of issuing additional cards.
Control monthly expenses by setting a specific budget.
It can be easily shipped through Albilad Net or Albilad App.
The possibility of using it in all ATMs and points of sale locally and globally.
Easy transfer to and from the card account without fees.
Benefit from Albilad Rewards Program.
Easily inquire about the remaining balance through the ATM, Albilad Net or Albilad App.

How to issue a Madad card online across Albilad Net

Log in to Albilad Net (Do not have a current account with Bank Albilad? Open your account now from here)
Choose a Madad Card from the “Request Banking Products” list.
Choose the type of card and the current account that you want to link to the Madad card, then click on Continue.
Please read and agree to the terms and conditions, then click on the Confirm button.
After completing the order, you will be provided with a tracking number for the card.
You can follow up on the request via Albilad Net website by viewing the status of the request “under the banking products request list”.
The delivery company will contact you to determine the date and place of delivery of the card.

Domestic labor card

The domestic labor card facilitates the most necessary banking transactions for the sponsor and domestic workers, as the sponsor can issue a domestic labor card and transfer salaries to his workers online across Albilad Net. Domestic workers can also conduct their international transfers and banking operations online using this card through Enjaz and Bank Albilad electronic channels.

Features of the Domestic Labor Card from Bank Albilad

The Domestic Labor Card from Bank Albilad is characterized as:
The sponsor can issue it online via Albilad Net, then the sponsored person visits the Enjaz Center to receive the card immediately
A safe and fast way to transfer salaries online via the Enjaz application or Albilad Net.
Workers can transfer internationally online using this card and without the need to visit money transfer centers.
The card is accepted by stores, which provides more convenience for workers alike.
It can be used for raffles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits of the domestic labor card for the sponsor

Compliant with the wage protection system: mada cards for paying domestic workers’ salaries are compliant with the regulatory requirements of the wage payment system.
Pay the salaries of domestic workers online via the Enjaz app or Albilad Net
Maintain secure records of all monthly salary payments.
Effective financial management through the application of Enjaz or Albilad Net.
The possibility of documenting salaries for the sponsored through the Musaned portal.

Benefits of the domestic labor card for workers and sponsored people

The sponsored can transfer money internationally online via Enjaz Easy, Western Union and Transfast through Enjaz and Bank Albilad electronic channels (Albilad Net and ATMs) and without the need to visit the transfer centers.
Free cash withdrawal from Bank Albilad ATMs
The ability to use the card at stores via POS machines bearing the mada logo.
Pay government bills and payments through SADAD service.
Reviewing payroll records across the country, net or ATMs.
Limiting the deposits to the card account from the sponsor’s account only.
View the card account statement and pay bills through the Enjaz or Albilad Net app.
The salaries are deposited into the account immediately.
Withdrawing cash inside the Kingdom from ATMs bearing the Mada logo.

How to request a domestic labor card through the sponsor

The sponsor opens an account for the sponsored and fills in the information through Albilad Net.
After the registration is completed, the sponsored shall visit the nearest Enjaz center to obtain the card immediately.

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