Conditions and how to inquire about the developed social security 1444

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Conditions and how to inquire about the developed social security 1444

It is one of the most important types of support that is provided in the Kingdom, and the Ministry of Human Resources has provided a service to all citizens who have submitted their requests to register in the developed security, to inquire about a person’s eligibility to receive a social security pension, by more than one electronic method by applying several steps that we will explain to you from During the following lines, using only the applicant’s ID number or the application number itself, we will also mention the eligibility conditions.

Inquiry about social security developer

It is now possible to inquire about the developed social security by following the following steps:

First, go directly to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
Then log in with your name, password and verification code.
After that, click on the “Developed Warranty” option.
A list will appear to you containing multiple services, click on an inquiry service.
After that, record the data of the person to whom the application is to be submitted and make sure that the data entered is correct.
Then click on the query icon.
In the end, you will see all the information about the request, and whether it was accepted or not.

Terms of eligibility in the developer warranty

There are a set of conditions set by the Ministry that must be adhered to in order to be able to obtain it. These conditions are:

At first, you must be Saudi.
You must also be a permanent resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It is also required that the applicant’s monthly income does not exceed what the Ministry has set as the minimum security pension.
The applicant must not have a prior participation in an insurance institution.
You must submit all the notarized documents to be submitted with the application.
You must also abide by the conditions for disbursing the guarantee amount as approved by the Ministry.

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