Citizen Account announces the deposit of August support for Saudis

yousef9 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Citizen Account announces the deposit of August support for Saudis

The Citizen Account Program announced, on its official Twitter page, the start of depositing the August batch for their completed applications, and confirmed that the deposit process will continue until the end of today, Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

Citizen account deposited August 2022 payment

In a previous publication, the citizen’s account warned against concealing any material information that would affect eligibility for eligibility, and stressed that concealing any information regarding income entails the immediate penalty, which is the deprivation of support for two years and the recovery of what was previously taken, in the event that the beneficiary hides Income change information.

He also called on all beneficiaries to update the data in the event of any change in income within a maximum period of fifteen days from the occurrence of the change, and the income must be disclosed in detail, whether the income is from salary, commercial activity or any other sources.

Concealing any information about income requires the implementation of Article 20, which emphasizes the punishment of anyone who conceals any material information, with a two-year deprivation of support or the recovery of what was obtained, or both.

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