Deaths from viruses are on the rise again across Aust

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ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Deaths from viruses are on the rise again across Aust

The number of deaths from COVID-19 is rising again and Australia recorded 88 fatalities this weekend.

Victoria reported more than 7,300 new virus cases and 16 deaths on Sunday, NSW more than 6,500 infections and four fatalities.

There were 3,047 cases in Queensland and two deaths, 7100 infections and seven deaths in Western Australia and one death in Tasmania.

This follows the nation that reported a total of 58 deaths on Saturday, along with nearly 34,000 cases.

The number of active virus cases in Australia is nearly 305,000, with more than 2,700 patients recovering in hospitals.

Meanwhile, one of Australia’s leading charities is warning that the impact of COVID-19 on children’s education is not over.

A study by the Smith family shows that one in two parents and carers believe the pandemic is still making learning difficult for their children.

About three quarters of parents and carers are concerned about their children’s future schoolwork and have struggled to help them during the pandemic.

Two-thirds say the virus has made it difficult to attend school this year.

The report comes as the charity kicks off its latest winter appeal, hoping to raise $5.4 million nationally to support 12,000 students through mentoring and after-school programs.

Elsewhere, nearly 600,000 Victorians have filed a pandemic discount claim for pottery classes, museum exhibits, winery luncheons and other events in the month since they were offered.

More than a quarter of applications were for theater and performing arts, with Hamilton and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child being the most popular, said Tourism Minister Martin Pakula.

Movie theater purchases accounted for 26 percent of claims, while live music also featured prominently with 13 percent of customers claiming for performances.

The Victorian government launched the scheme on March 29.

“We encourage Victorians to take this fantastic opportunity to eat out, see a show and support some of the local businesses that have been hit hardest by the pandemic,” said Mr Pakula.

In Tasmania, authorities say they believe the state’s emergency public health powers have been expanded for the last time.

“While we expect to get out of a public health emergency by June 30, this does not mean that COVID-19 will be over,” public health director Mark Veitch said in a statement on Sunday.

Assuming the state proceeds with the transition, the virus will be managed with workplace health and safety practices and the treatment of COVID-19 cases like other communicable diseases.


Victoria: 7,372 cases, 16 deaths, 507 hospitalized with 30 in ICU

NSW: 6,545 cases, four deaths, 1,146 hospitalized with 33 in ICU

Northern Territory: 175 cases, no deaths, 21 in hospital, none in ICU

ACT: 583 cases, no deaths, 82 in hospital, two in ICU

Queensland: 3,047 cases, two deaths, 374 in hospital, seven in ICU

WA: 7100 cases, seven deaths, 315 in hospital, eight in ICU

SA: 2,312 cases, no deaths, 217 in hospital, nine in ICU

Tasmania: 736 cases, one dead, 50 in hospital, two in ICU.

Australian Associated Press


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