Private jets and hotel suites: grandparents get a taste of life on tour with The Kid Laroi

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ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Private jets and hotel suites: grandparents get a taste of life on tour with The Kid Laroi

Ereman raises eyebrows at ladies lunch

Dr Daniel Nour alongside host Erin Molan.

Dr Daniel Nour alongside host Erin Molan.Credit:Cameron Gaubert

Ladies wearing fuchsia and floral dresses flocked to the Mercedes-Benz Sydney 2022 Women’s Luncheon last week. The annual event at Centennial Homestead is dedicated to inspiring, connecting and empowering women.

This year former iron lady and cricket WAG Candice Warnermedia personality and TV presenter Sally Obermedersocialite Jasmine Stefanovic and former Melbourne Housewife chief executive and co-founder of Liberty Belle Rx Andrea Moss were on the list.

It was a dress code for ladies having lunch as guests celebrated the achievement of 2022 Young Australian of the Year and founder of Street Side Medics Dr Daniel Nour

Over lunch, Chief Executive of the Australian College of Nursing Kylie Ward shared her experience of domestic violence, sitting next to fellow panelists dr. nour and Erin Molan

Nour, the guest of honor and only male panelist, raised more than a few eyebrows when he stated that domestic violence does not discriminate based on gender and referring actor Johnny Deppwho is stuck in a libel lawsuit against ex-wife Amber heard

“First, it’s something I’m passionate about; domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment is not gender specific,” he told Emerald City last week when contacted for comment.

“In a room full of women, my focus is clearly on domestic violence against women, that was the reference I was trying to make.”

Depp and Heard have accused each other of domestic violence in the $100 million lawsuit.

“I am not a judge, I have not seen most of the proceedings. The point, of course, is that there are many questions to be asked in the case, but there could be domestic violence on both sides,” added Dr. Now to it.

Copycats and Callouts: Lo Sordo Beats Byron Bay Label

Sick and tired, designer Michael Lo Sordo calls the Byron Bay label.

Sick and tired, designer Michael Lo Sordo calls the Byron Bay label.Credit:Instagram

For as long as design has existed, creatives have had to fight hard to protect their intellectual property. In the age of social media, fed up fashion designers go straight to the public square and shout out copycats on Instagram.

Last week, Emerald City saw a fiery comment from a Sydney designer Michael Lo deaf on an innocent Instagram post from the Byron Bay label St Agni. He accused the brand of copying the stardust crystalline bra top from its 2021 collections.

“Copying my designs is not fashion is theft [sic]Lo Sordo wrote, while also tagging St Agni, Vogue Australia and trader Ryan Storer.

The comment remained on the image for days, but miraculously disappeared hours after Lo Sordo was contacted for comment.


“I take pride in my unique designs and understand that we are in an industry that draws inspiration from each other, past and present,” he told Emerald City. “As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

The line between inspiration and imitation seems to be becoming increasingly blurred. Earlier this month, co-founder and design powerhouse of Nagnata Laura May Gibbs Marcs exclaimed about a merino wool sweater similar to Nagnata’s unique designs.

St Agni did not respond to Emerald City’s request for comment.


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