Advantages of the current account from Banque Saudi Fransi

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Advantages of the current account from Banque Saudi Fransi

The Economy website presents the advantages of the current account from Banque Saudi Fransi.

Banque Saudi Fransi said that the current account meets your needs and without a minimum balance, as it allows you to carry out daily banking transactions with ease and ease.

Advantages of the current account from Banque Saudi Fransi

The possibility of opening the account in Saudi riyals, US dollars, pounds sterling or euros and other currencies
Get a free mada debit card
Issuance of a free check book
Withdraw cash from all ATMs inside and outside the Kingdom
Payment of purchases inside and outside the Kingdom
The ability to view this account around the clock, seven days a week, and from anywhere in the world, through (Fransi Plus, Fransi Mobile, Fransiphone and the ATM)
Pay bills through SADAD service
Conducting internal and external transfers through (Fransi Plus, Fransi Mobile, Fransiphone, ATM and branches)
Monthly statement of account
Receive notifications on your mobile phone or e-mail about your bank account and the operations carried out on it
Salary Transfer Possibility
public offering service


Fill out the account opening form
For Saudis (valid ID
The family card, attested with a Mahram to identify the person (for women only)

For non-Saudis (valid residency and passport)
Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries who hold valid passports and have a permanent address in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The customer agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions regarding the issuance and use of checks presented to the second party (the customer) in order to protect the customer and the first party (the bank) together:
Check books are issued to the account holder only.
The customer is obligated to keep the check books in safe custody, notify the bank in case of loss, and return them to the bank in the event of closing his account, at his request or the request of his authorized agent with the bank, or by the bank.
Checks shall be used only on the account for which the checks were issued, and may not be used on any other account.
The writing in ink must be clear on the checks and on the forms submitted by the bank, and any change in the check must be made clearly, with its approval with the full signature of the customer, and the initials are not sufficient)

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