13 Best Free Screen Recorder Software (Android and iPhone)

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13 Best Free Screen Recorder Software (Android and iPhone)

There are many ways and applications by which the phone screen can be photographed, whether phones running the Android operating system, or the iPhone, as it gives the ability to take pictures of the computer desktop using the keyboard, and the modification to these pictures has been added by the paint program or other Programs, and this method remains limited and unprofessional compared to the 14 programs that we will mention to you in this article.

phone screen recording

Screen capture is one of the possibilities that benefit content makers by capturing the screen in a video format, and then modifying it to suit their own ideas and content. Explanation and interpretation, or clarification of games, all of this calls for great attention to screen recording programs for Internet users.

Best Android Screen Recording Software

There are many wonderful programs in the world of screen recording that run on the Android operating system from recording a video of a chat or a game that he wants to know at a later time or in order to teach others how to do something on the phone, and these applications are as follows:

Screen cam Screen Recorder app

It is one of the applications that enables users of modern smartphones running the Android operating system to easily identify and record everything that is going on on the screen. It is captured from the screen, as some do in educational videos, for example, or explaining games. However, this application does not support the feature of shooting with the front camera while the application is running.

REC Screen Recorder App

It works in all different Android devices, compared to a lot of applications that work with certain versions only, and it allows recording the mobile phone screen and it is possible to open games provided that you register through it also without losing the quality of photography or registration alike, and it is available free of charge to all Users of modern smartphones running the Android system via the Play Store.

Mobizen Screen Recorder App

It has been updated by Mobizen, and it is one of the applications that suits all users, as it is in the first search when searching on the Internet, and it works on the Android version 4.4 and does not require professionalism, as it is a very easy application.

DU Screen Recorder App

The recording resolution is up to 1080 and it does not support the system audio recording feature, but rather needs to turn on the mic feature, and the application contains a lot of tools that can avoid many of the problems that some face, and it can also capture moving images of the mobile phone screen.

AZ Screen Recorder App

It has a simple interface that everyone can deal with easily and simply, as it does not need professionals in order to deal with it, 4 icons appear for each of them with their own benefits after downloading it to the phone, including recording the start and exit from the program, and it is characterized by high video quality with the ability to see All interactions that take place on the mobile phone screen during the recording period.

RecMe app

It is a free application, and it is considered the best for recording the phone screen and what goes on in it, and it contains many features, including eliminating noise during the recording process, and the program interface is simple so that everyone can deal with it.

Smart Pixel

It is one of the most distinctive programs for recording computer screen as well as users of Android phones, and most of its users are video game enthusiasts, who work on recording the computer screen while playing, and it is characterized by not consuming a lot of energy and computer resources.

MNML Screen Recorder

Features after watermarking the video; In addition, the program does not contain annoying ads and can be used easily.

ilos Screen Recorder

It is characterized by the absence of any watermarks on the video after filming with an attractive interface that is easy to use for anyone in addition to the absence of in-app ads.

Lollipop Screen Recorder

It is one of the programs that does not require root so you can run it on the phone in addition to that it works on all versions of Android without limitation compared to other programs.

Unlimited it recorder

It is easy to use with a simple interface and you can use it for free without any fees and there is no watermark on the captured video.

One Shot Screen Recorder

It works on Android version 5.0 or higher, with a watermark on the video after shooting it, and the application is free easily.

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