10 mistakes you must start with human resource management to avoid

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10 mistakes you must start with human resource management to avoid

The employees of the human resources department play an important and indispensable role in any company; They are the ones who provide employees in every department with the tools and training they need to function properly, and their work relates to all of the company’s activities.

Given the critical role that human resource management plays in all companies, any mistake made in this department can have a significant impact on the entire company.

10 Costly Mistakes Human Resource Management Should Avoid

1- Ignore the problems that employees have

Employees sometimes go to HR to discuss issues they have, and HR staff may not do anything about it, which can lead to further aggravations, such as disagreements between team members and increased turnover.

It is important for HR staff to show interest in employee issues, and to identify the steps they will take to resolve those issues.

2- Relying on the job interview only in the hiring process

Many HR employees rely on job interviews only to make the hiring decision, but relying only on that may eventually lead to the selection of people who are not suitable for the job, so it is necessary to include several steps based on company culture during the hiring process, to ensure that people are hired the right ones.

3- There is no clear plan to increase salaries

It is important to pay attention to how the performance review process is designed, and the related salary increase, because if employees notice that there is a tendency to increase their salaries, they may have expectations of this happening annually, and it is important to avoid this error by setting a certain salary limit for each job, and setting Specific criteria to ensure salary increases.

4- Appointing incompetent managers

One of the biggest mistakes HR employees make is hiring untrained managers, whose management style may not fit employee needs or company goals.

5- Disciplinary Actions Based on Sanctions

When HR staff take disciplinary action based solely on sanctions, they are creating a negative work environment in which employees feel intimidated, and such mistakes should be avoided by listening to employees first and asking permission before taking any action.

6- Doing a bad hiring process

Research has shown that replacing a bad employee can cost companies significant sums, so it is important that HR staff choose employees who fit the company’s culture and who have the ability to adapt to change.

7- There is no specific qualification process for new employees

A good onboarding process enables employees to engage in work faster, makes them more confident in their work, and onboarding best practices provides an overview of the company, as well as job-specific training.

8- Take a reactive, not proactive, approach to problem solving

Human resource management usually follows a reactive rather than proactive approach, which leads to increased corporate costs, and this can be avoided by reviewing all of the company’s expenses, and rethinking the areas where its expenses can be reduced.

9- Poor data management

The work of the Human Resources Department is mainly based on documents, so not finding the necessary data – to respond to inquiries, complaints or lawsuits – can cause many problems.

In order to avoid this, all necessary records and documents should be kept, and audits should be carried out on a regular basis.

10- Human resources employees are not treated as partners

HR staff educate themselves about the organization in which they work, their colleagues, customers, and stakeholders, so that they can understand the environment in which they work, they listen carefully to problems before they offer solutions, and thus gain the confidence of their business partners, who cooperate with them to avoid decisions erroneous.

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