What are the ancient roman coins and their prices?

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What are the ancient roman coins and their prices?

Before the use of ancient Roman coins, the Romans were bartering, exchanging services, and goods such as crops, animals, leather, or others, in addition to using the currencies of other countries, and the Greek currency was the most famous currency, with the expansion of the Roman state, the state needed a system Trade exchange is simpler than barter, so ancient Roman coins were minted, and ancient Roman coins were made of gold, silver, copper, and bronze, where coins made of copper and bronze were used for daily transactions, while coins made of gold and silver were used for large transactions Such as buying a house, or land, because of its great value.

When did the Romans start using ancient Roman coins?

The Romans began using ancient Roman coins in the third century BC, and the basic unit of currency for ancient Roman coins was the Aes, and at first it was the Ace Signato, and then it was replaced by the Ace Rod at the beginning of the third century BC.

Sections of ancient Roman coin

Ancient Roman Coins Made of Gold The Romans used gold to make the Aureus coin, the Solidus coin, the Tremises coin, and finally the Quinarius Aureus coin.

ancient roman coin made of silver

In the beginning, the ancient Roman silver coins were made to comply with the commercial standards of the Greek colonies in southern Italy, in order to facilitate trade between the two countries, and they were called didrachms (didrachms), and after a while they were replaced by another coin bearing half the weight called Victoriatus, and one of the silver coins that In ancient Rome, the denarius coin was used, which bore the image of an emperor wearing a laurel wreath, and other coins were the Antoninianus coin, which bore the image of the emperor wearing a radiant crown, the Sestertius coin, and finally the Silqua coin.

Ancient Roman coins made of copper and bronze

The Romans used copper and bronze in the manufacture of the Aes coin, the Follis coin, the Dupondius coin, the Semis coin, the Quadrans coin, and the Sixtans coin.

ancient roman coin value

Bronze and Copper Coins

The Dupondius coin is equal to 2 aces.

A Semis coin is equal to half an ace. A Quadrans coin is equal to a quarter of an ace.

A Sixtans coin is equal to one sixth of aces.

silver coins

The Quadrigatus coin is worth 15 aces.

The Denarius coin is equal to 10 aces.

The Victoriatus coin is equal to 5 aces.

The Sestertius coin is equal to 2.5 aces.

gold coins

The Quinarius Aureus coin is worth 12.5 denarius.

The Aureus coin is worth 25 denarius.

Prices of ancient Roman coin

The prices of ancient Roman coin vary according to the condition of the coin, and according to its rarity.

Common ancient Roman coins such as the denarius coin can be sold for 20 to 50 US dollars per coin, while rare coins can have a price of up to a thousand dollars, or more per coin. .

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