The frequency of the new Karamish channel, Nilesat HD, children’s channels

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The frequency of the new Karamish channel, Nilesat HD, children’s channels

The frequency of the new Karamish channel 2022 occupies the attention of millions of children in the Arab world, and it is a specialized free channel, which began broadcasting in Jordan in 2009, and took a different path in providing entertainment content for children, relying mainly on singing, as it presented several famous clips in the past years. , which made it top the list of children’s favorite channels in a short time, and today we will learn about the frequency of the Karameesh channel on Nilesat and Arabsat and how to adjust it on sd and hd receivers.

Karamish channel one of the children’s channels 2022

Karamish satellite channel presented a group of clips during its inception, such as Baba Adlanji, Nam Nam, Yalla Nam, in addition to a group of animated cartoon programs, and programs aimed at providing social advice such as preserving the environment and hygiene, prayer, food etiquette and others. The fame of Karamish channel came from The channel’s direct tendency to present educational and educational topics through songs.

The frequency of the Karamish channel, since its launch 13 years ago, has witnessed many changes, whether for better image quality, or for technical problems, before settling on the new frequency for it, which is now working on HD quality on the high-quality receiver, to provide a better picture of the channel’s programs. Which works around the clock to do everything in its power to give the Arab child happiness, and extend his mind with new.

The frequency of the new Karamish channel

Receiving the new Karamish channel frequency has become easier than ever, as now you can add the following data, download the channel and easily operate it manually, and it may appear with the automatic search on modern receivers:

Nile Sat Satellite
frequency 10815
Encoding rate 27500
Horizontal polarization
Error correction factor 3/4
Broadcast space in the Arab world
HD quality
Channel name Karamish TV

How to add the frequency of the Karamish channel

After unlocking your receiver
Go to the (Combinations) section after entering the password.
I go to the satellites, choose them (Nilesat).
Add the frequency above manually, then click (Search).
The channel will be downloaded automatically after the end of the search and appear as Karamish TV

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