The best way to collect money?

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The best way to collect money?

Developing a specific and clear plan helps to collect money, as most of the rich have become so because of planning and commitment. About spending money on luxuries and unnecessary things.

Self-employment is one of the ways to help raise money, as the researcher Siebold, who spent years studying and researching the lives of the world’s rich, indicates that doing private self-employment and abandoning work in fixed professions, with a fixed salary, under an authority that manages the individual’s business. Most are self-employed, and the average person tends to work in stable, stable occupations.

Selling personal property

An individual can sell his old possessions that he does not use at the present time. He can sell university books, or the books he has read, and his novel on those sites that sell books on the Internet, or in regular bookstores.

Creating a blog

An individual can create a blog on the Internet and make money with it, for a low cost, and all he needs is a name for the blog, and some support from other sites, in addition to special content that an individual owns that he can share with others, and if the individual is a writer, he can To publish his books through the sites designated for this without paying anything, and to sell them independently

Opening a channel on YouTube

Anyone who has a topic that he can present in an attractive way, or who needs to market and sell his products, or wants to publish entertainment videos, can open a YouTube channel and promote himself via the Internet and social networking sites for a financial return at a small cost

Other ways to earn money

There are many ways that can be followed to raise money easily, namely: putting money in the stock market, and investing in real estate, it may give a good return for the individual.

Avoid buying goods that are likely to drop in price later.

Buying a car for $50,000 is not good for someone who wants to raise money, because that price will be halved after five years.

Providing jobs for those places that can give more income, as there are more job opportunities in cities compared to rural and remote areas.

Using methods that help reduce the value of the monthly bills to be paid, solar panels can be installed, to reduce the value of the electricity paid.

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