The best cities for luxury shopping around the world

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The best cities for luxury shopping around the world

Tokyo topped the list of the best destinations for shopping luxury goods around the world, according to data from the travel company “L’Artsian“. In an analysis conducted by the company of cities famous for their prestigious designer stores, it found that the Japanese capital includes 217 stores for these designers, in addition to the upscale Ginza area, which contains brand stores. Classy.

It was followed by Hong Kong in second place, which includes famous shopping centers such as “The Landmark” and “Elements.” According to “Stastia,” the revenues of the luxury products market in the city amounted to 96.56 billion yuan ($13.6 billion) during the current year, and “Chanel” is the leading brand. The most dominant business in the market.

Dubai appeared in sixth place, becoming the first destination in the Middle East, as it includes 121 stores by international designers, and has become an attractive destination for the wealthy.

In tenth and final place came Milan, which includes 69 designer stores, less than a third of the number of those stores in Tokyo.

The best cities to shop luxury products around the world

Ranking      City

01          Tokyo

02       Hong Kong

03         Seoul

04       Paris

05       New York

06    Dubai

07       London

08     Los Angeles

09      Las vigas

10      Milan

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