Steps to get online courses and university studies in France

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Steps to get online courses and university studies in France

The Economy website monitors the conditions and steps for obtaining online courses and university studies in France.

France is among the countries that attract the most students in the international movement. France ranks fourth in the list of countries hosting foreign students globally after the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia; Hence, it tops the list of non-English speaking countries hosting students.

Documents required to obtain a study visa in France 2021:

Proof of payment of the application fee
Submit a correctly filled out form with information about the visa applicant.
Submit the official admission document at the university you are applying to in France.
A certificate proving that you are not infected with an infectious disease.
Certificate of good conduct, i.e. the absence of any current legal provisions on the applicant.
Two solar photos, with a white background, measuring 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm.
A true copy of the first four pages of a valid passport.
A letter from the French Cultural Cooperative Center stating that the student has taken the required language tests and passed one of them.

A letter of recommendation from the French Cultural Cooperative Center stating that the student has completed the initial registration stage.
Curriculum vitae of the student, there must be a letter from the institution in which he completed his secondary education, confirming good conduct and behavior.

Study costs in French universities

One of the most important features of studying in France is that higher education here is considered free.
There are some private universities that pay tuition fees during registration.
The cost of living in France is about 850 euros and includes housing, expenses and transportation.

Diplomas offered in France

As in all countries, French universities grant international students degrees at three levels:
1 Leave: The study lasts for 3 years
2 Master’s: two years of study after the vacation
3 PhD: Study lasts for 3 years after the master’s

Language of instruction in French

International students must prove their proficiency in the French language with a document confirming that they have obtained a certificate in the French language or they can pass language tests (DELF, DALF or TCF.
Can international students work in France after graduation?

Foreign students can work in France after graduation, but they must change their residence status to the local council after getting a job

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