Steps to easily fix the Bluetooth malfunction on the iPhone from Apple

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Steps to easily fix the Bluetooth malfunction on the iPhone from Apple

Previously, iPhone phones lacked the Bluetooth system to connect between them and other devices, and since the addition of the feature, the reasons for the Bluetooth malfunction on the iPhone have been numerous, as the Bluetooth system does not work properly through iPhone phones, and in this regard, the Business Insider website has revealed the factors that cause In the Bluetooth malfunction on the iPhone, as explained by the steps to treat the Bluetooth malfunction on the iPhone from Apple, this is what we review in the following context, he continued with the details.

Steps to fix bluetooth malfunction on iPhone

iPhone users can fix the Bluetooth malfunction on the iPhone, of course, first by activating the feature, as there are many iPhone users who do not assess the performance of the Bluetooth feature on the iPhone automatically correctly.
For this, you must first make sure that the Bluetooth feature is enabled on your iPhone, and this is by entering the general settings application, then Bluetooth is activated.

After activating the Bluetooth feature, it is confirmed that the phone you want to communicate with has also activated the feature.
Then make sure that the phone is connected by selecting the device from the list of devices in the Bluetooth settings, then choose Connected.

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It is possible that the malfunction that causes the phone not to connect to other devices via Bluetooth, the presence of devices that distract the device when the device is activated to communicate with another device, and for this, care must be taken to delete the devices that appear on the network, in order to avoid the problem of the Bluetooth malfunction.

iOS update

To make sure that the problem of Bluetooth malfunction in the iPhone is resolved, you must make sure to update the iOS system in order to ensure that the Bluetooth is used efficiently.
Care must be taken to update the Bluetooth with the latest update via the iPhone in order to avoid any obstacles when connecting the phone via Bluetooth to devices that are not compatible with the old updates.
Bluetooth is updated by going into the general settings, then clicking on SOFTWARE UPDATE and updating the Bluetooth.

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