Saudi Traffic clarifies the requirement to authorize the vehicle

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Saudi Traffic clarifies the requirement to authorize the vehicle

The Saudi Traffic explained that one of the conditions for authorizing the vehicle is the payment of traffic violations, as one of the citizens asked through the official page of the Saudi Traffic via “Twitter” about this issue, and the Traffic replied: “The Traffic Law stipulates Article 17, Paragraph 2 to pay the traffic violations, if any, to the owner of the vehicle. Or his authorized representative, and that there are no security or traffic restrictions on the vehicle.

How to apply for a vehicle authorization

You can authorize a vehicle electronically through the electronic Absher platform approved by the official authorities, by following these steps:

Log in to the Absher electronic portal.

Make a login by entering the required data:

“ID number and visual verification code”.

Go to Authorizations and select Vehicles Authorizations.

Click on the authorizations for the vehicles I own. Enter the identity of the person to be authorized.

The other party accepts the authorization.

Every citizen has the right to file an objection to traffic violations via the Absher electronic platform, as the Saudi Traffic explained via “Twitter” previously:

Log in to your account on the Absher platform.

Go to “My Services”, then go to “My Services”.

Then object to traffic violations.

Vehicle authorization requirements

As the Saudi Traffic explained earlier, the vehicle authorization requirements, which included:

Payment of fees.

The vehicle shall be subject to a periodic inspection. Having vehicle insurance.

The presence of an active account in Absher for the authorized representative.

The General Department of Traffic responded to a number of inquiries from citizens and residents through its official page on the microblogging site, most notably the disclosure of the mechanism for issuing a paper or permit to repair a vehicle without the need to go to branches and offices to obtain it.

Vehicle drivers can now obtain and issue it electronically via Absher platform now by logging in through its application.

The traffic response came to a citizen who complained that he was unable to issue a vehicle repair paper and wanted to obtain it, wondering whether it was possible to issue it electronically by visiting the traffic website, or whether it was necessary to go to offices and branches to obtain it manually, so the administration indicated the possibility of obtaining it through Absher.

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