Link to Saudi Ministry of Defense admission results 1443 and steps to inquire about them

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Link to Saudi Ministry of Defense admission results 1443 and steps to inquire about them

The Economy website displays a link to the Saudi Ministry of Defense admission results 1443 and the steps to query them.

Until now, the search is still going on in a very large way through many different search engines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to query the link for the Ministry of Defense acceptance results 1443, where thousands of students and people want to inquire about the results of the Ministry of Defense acceptance 1443 in Saudi Arabia, where they had applied On the jobs announced by the ministry earlier this year, specifically last February.

The Saudi Ministry of Defense has announced the preliminary results of admission to recruitment 1443 through the Ministry of Defense Acceptance Results 1443 link, where all people can inquire about their results easily and without the need to leave the house only through the recruitment website.

The ministry also confirmed that all persons who were initially accepted must quickly go to the nearest recruitment center affiliated with them in order to complete all procedures and deliver the required papers, and the ministry officially announced in the past few hours the activation of the electronic link through which all persons can inquire about their results.

The results can be inquired about through the Ministry of Defense admission results link 1443, which the Saudi Ministry of Defense did today to inquire about the preliminary results, through several simple steps as follows:-

First: Go to the unified admission and recruitment electronic portal.

Second: Log in by filling in all the required data from the name and password correctly.

Third: The Ministry of Defense admission results are determined, and then all the required data is recorded. Click on an inquiry to display the results of the application.

As soon as the applicant inquires about the results, three possibilities will appear for him, namely: Candidate Application: This means that the applicant is a primary candidate for the Ministry of Defense recruitment positions.

Admission Status Empty: This means that the submitted application has not been verified yet.

The application is not nominated: This means that the applicant is not a candidate for the job, and you will find a message that reads “We apologize for not accepting you during this period.

Documents required for review after acceptance

In the event that the application is accepted and you become one of the initial candidates for Ministry of Defense jobs, this will require you to go to your account and book an appointment for review and bring the following documents: –

A copy of the marital status record.

A copy of the national identity card (the original must be brought to match).

8 personal photos, size 4×6.

The original academic qualification certificate + a copy of it (and if the certificate is from abroad, it must be equalized by the Saudi Ministry of Education).

The review form is printed from the Absher recruitment platform.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the date of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday with its duration for the private and governmental sectors in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Taking care to implement the second paragraph of Article 24 of the Executive Regulations of the Labor Law through employers and establishments.

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