Learn digital marketing skills

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Learn digital marketing skills

Digital marketing is defined as the process of delivering a specific product to the desired customer using modern and contemporary technological methods; Such as using Internet services, whether through social networking sites, web design, writing and creating attractive creative content and others, in order to achieve the desired benefits from e-marketing.

There are some basic marketing skills that make a person a skilled digital marketer, including the following:

Data analysis skills

The importance of analysis skills lies in determining the quality of successful campaigns that attract customers in the marketing process and thus understanding consumer behavior and needs, by obtaining primary data, whether numbers, statistics, and opinion polls, then analyzing and converting them into an integrated action plan.

The digital marketer who possesses data analysis skills is characterized by unique analytical characteristics, including the following:

Ability to understand web analytics and website performance. Good dealing with various technological platforms and channels in order to collect data through them to serve the consumer.

Proficiency with Google Analytics, including targeted ads through Facebook Ads Managers and Google Ads.

A person can acquire analysis skills through (Google Analytics); It provides sufficient tools that allow the marketer to develop his analytical skills in marketing; Such as providing surveys and opinions about products, advertisements, displaying videos, data, etc., as well as expertise in handling and analyzing data.

Content creation skills

The skill of writing and creating content plays a key role in forming a marketing base by creating headlines and exchanging messages to communicate the idea of ​​the product to the desired category and convince it to get it in an interesting way.

The digital marketer is characterized by the ability to market his content through the use of keywords in Optimizing his search engines.

This leads to faster access to the consumer and meeting his need at the right time after seeing the product announcement, which must be presented in a convincing and intelligent manner, and this requires developing the marketer’s ability to persuade well and acquire effective communication skills with the consumer, thus increasing sales his products.

Skills in traditional marketing Traditional marketing is essential in completing the marketing process along with digital marketing, through billboards, newspapers, television, radio, direct mail and others, in order to reach the target group, show the brand, and make special offers in certain ways.

Traditional marketing is characterized by the practice of selling face-to-face with the customer and thus building trust with the product better among some target groups.

Search engine optimization and marketing skills

through which search engines ensure that the marketing message reaches the target group quickly and in an orderly manner, so the marketer should follow up on continuous updates in Google’s search methods to support the marketing product to reach the largest possible category.

There are two strategies for SEO.  And drive customers to the marketer’s website which are (SEM) and (SEO) strategy, so the marketer must deal with them with experience and understand them well to develop his marketing strategy.

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