How do I permanently delete my Kik account 2022?

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How do I permanently delete my Kik account 2022?

There are many social media and websites in the world, which have played a major role in consolidating relationships and bridging distances between people, through the reciprocal and interactive nature, where people flock to them to publish and share their daily lives with their friends, and in return they receive comments and opinions from them, and we note that in every There is a period of development for these means to include additional features that did not exist before, in the beginning people were sharing what was on their minds through their writings, and the matter evolved to become the possibility of sharing photos and even videos, and each site was unique in a special way that distinguished it from Other than that, there is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in addition to Cake, which we will talk about in this article.


It is one of the free social networking sites, which was developed in 2011 in Canada by Isaac Reichek, to allow an interactive environment that enables the user to share videos that do not exceed 36 seconds with their friends, in a fun, easy and real way, either through Through the website or through the application available on smart phone devices of various operating systems, where the word “Kik” is originally from the English word Kik, which means the quick look, where the cake was likened to Instagram video, or the mini version of YouTube, where the video that It is published with the name of Kik and replies or comments with the name of KikBacks, and there is the ability to control privacy and select the group of people with whom you want to share this video.

Permanently delete kik account

It should be noted that after the Kik account is deleted, there will be no possibility of recovering it again, but until you permanently delete the Kik account, you must follow the following steps: Go to the Kik website, which is Click on the Settings option on the right of the page. A page will appear to you containing the privacy settings for your account, and you will find the option to delete the account, and click on it.

You will be given the choice to answer some questions in order to know the reason for canceling the account, Feedback, or you may cancel it directly, by entering the password for your account in the white field designated for this, then clicking on the Deactivate account option next to this field. After less than a minute, you will be logged out from the site, and your account will automatically be cancelled.

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