How do I know what my IQ is?

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How do I know what my IQ is?

IQ is defined as a result obtained by an individual by performing a set of mental tests, through which it is possible to approximate the degree of intelligence of an individual. These tests were invented by the two French scientists “Alfred Binet” and “Theodore Simon” in 1905, where the number 100 was considered as an expression of the average intelligence of a person and the higher this number, the higher the intelligence and the person is considered a genius.

How to find out the IQ

There are many tests developed by scientists and experts through which intelligence can be measured, and they can be obtained from the Internet by searching for them and entering the phrase “intelligence tests” where a large list of tests appears and you can choose what suits you best.

IQ rating

Many international statistics and studies have proven that most of the activities that a person performs during his daily life do not require an IQ of more than 50, but people who have this percentage suffer in academic achievement, and 75% of people have an IQ that exceeds this percentage, and the IQ can be classified according to The result of the IQ test is as follows:

58 – 68: below the general limit of intelligence.
68 – 80: the first limits of the general limit.
80 – 115: good IQ, general limit.
115 – 125: very good IQ, above the general limit.
125 – 135: a very excellent IQ and close to the limits of genius.
135 – 145: a very excellent IQ and a talented person who is almost a genius.
145 – 165: intelligence at the level of genius.
165 – 185: Very genius.
185 – 200: very genius, very rare.

The highest IQ in the world

There are many intelligent and genius people in the world who have high IQs, and among these people:

Stephen Hawking: A scientist who specialized in theoretical physicists and astronomers, with an IQ of 160.

Andrew Wiles: A mathematician and a university professor at the University of Oxford, Britain, with an IQ of 170 Paul Garender Allen:

He is a famous American businessman who founded Microsoft with Bill Gates and has an IQ of 170.

Judit Polgar: She is a professional chess player and is considered the most powerful player in history with an IQ of 170.

Gary Kasparov: A former professional chess player and world champion with an IQ of 190. Rick Rosner: TV producer and IQ of 192.

Increase IQ

A person can increase his IQ through continuous practices, exercises and games, and they have a great impact on improving the level of thinking and intelligence, including: Reading: It is considered one of the most important means through which a person can obtain knowledge, which enables him to develop his various mental abilities and increases He has an IQ.

Calmness and breathing: Calmness and careful meditation and breathing increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, thus revitalizing the cells in it.

Accompanying smart people: Accompanying smart people and spending time with them is highly reflected in an increase in a person’s IQ; Where a person learns how to think like them and solve problems.

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