FIFA World Ranking 2022

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FIFA World Ranking 2022

Economy website reviews the world ranking of football teams for 2022  “FIFA World Ranking”, which included several strong surprises, whether at the level of Arab, African or international teams.

The title What is the World Ranking of National Teams 2022 is issued search indicators, following the increasing searches for it by activists, and you can know the classification of the teams according to the list issued by (FIFA) the International Football Association, given that it determines the strongest in the teams in the world, according to its rules Officials inside it for several years, and that classification is announced on a monthly basis, so we will discuss in the following lines what is the world ranking of teams 2022, and put highlights on the Arab countries that occupy that classification, in addition to reviewing the teams according to the continents.

On a monthly basis, the International Football Association (FIFA) issues the list of the world rankings of the teams based on awarding points to the teams on the basis of the results they have achieved during the last four years. And the inclusion of the team’s results during the last month, and the team’s obtaining of points depends on several factors, including: “The results of the matches played by the team during the month (win, loss, draw, penalty kicks), the importance of the matches played (qualifiers for World Cup or Confederations Cup, friendly matches, World Cup matches or Confederations Cup), the strength of the opponent team according to its rank in the world rankings, and the strength of the continental federation to which it belongs.

During the current month, the Brazilian team listened to maintain the top spot in the world rankings, according to what was announced by FIFA, as its points reached 1837.56 points, and was able to advance over the Belgian team, which came in second place with 1821.92 points, which retreated from last month in a number of points, As for the Argentine team, it managed to climb to third place with 1,770.65 points, for the first time in five years, while the French team came in fourth place with 1,764.85 points, and fell from last month by 25 points.

Brazil: 1837.56
Belgium: 1821.92
Argentina: 1,770.65
France: 1,764.85
England: 1737.64
Spain: 1716.93
Italy: 1713.86
Netherlands: 1679.41
Portugal: 1678.65
Denmark: 1665.47
Germany: 1658.96
Mexico: 1,649.57
Uruguay: 1643.71
USA: 1635.01
Croatia: 1632.15
Switzerland: 1621.43
Colombia: 1604.07
Senegal: 1,593.54
Wales: 1582.13
Sweden: 1,563.44
Peru: 1562.24
Morocco: 1558.90
Iran: 1558.64
Japan: 1552.77
Serbia: 1549.53
Poland: 1546.18
Ukraine: 1542.79
South Korea: 1526.20
Chile: 1514.86
Tunisia: 1507.8

Ranking of Arab teams

According to what was issued by the Arab teams, the Moroccan team came at the forefront of the standings with a score of 1558 and ranked 22 globally, outperforming Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Qatar, who ranked first on the Arab level in the international rankings of teams.

European Team Ranking

The European teams headed the rankings because of the Belgian team’s achievement in maintaining the top spot in the European rankings over the past years, and the French national team also came in second place before England, Spain and Italy, who came in third, fourth and fifth places, respectively, and 8 European teams were among the top ten The first in the world rankings that proves the superiority of European football.

African teams ranking

As for the world rankings of the African teams, the Senegalese team, which maintained the top spot in the African teams’ classification according to FIFA, came in second place, the Moroccan team, and then the Tunisian team in third place on the level of the African continent.

Asian Team Ranking

The Iranian team was able to top the Asian classification according to the FIFA rankings with 1558.64 points, followed by the Japanese samurai with 1552.77 points, and the South Korean team came in third place with 1526.20 points, then the Australian team and then Qatar.

South American Team Ranking

The South American teams outperformed the traditional rivals, the Brazilian samba and the Argentine tango, in the June 2022 classification, a difference of more than 120 points from the Uruguay team, the closest competitor, which is ranked third in the South American continent, but the Colombian team is fourth in the continent.

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