emkan Finance obtaining a dream car with the lowest salary

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emkan Finance obtaining a dream car with the lowest salary

emkan company provides for citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, car financing through easy procedures and also compatible with the rules and provisions of Islamic Sharia. Mobile phone – type of car – monthly income, or you can go to one of emkan ‘s leasing sales consultants, and through the following lines we will talk about the financing features and the required documents, as well as learn about the types of after-sales services.

Features of emkan Finance Company

Emkan financing for Saudi citizens and residents.
Emkan financing is compatible with Islamic Sharia regulations.
Imkan financing up to 1,000,000 Saudi riyals.
Emkan financing does not require salary transfer.
Comprehensive insurance can be obtained throughout the financing period.
Retirees can obtain Imkan car financing with the lowest salary of 1900 Saudi riyals, as for employees in all sectors, the minimum salary is 2000 Saudi riyals.
Financing the possibility of installments up to 5 years.
Emkan financing provides electronic after-sales services to beneficiaries.

Documents required to obtain Emkan financing

The customer must have a valid national ID and driving license.
A salary introduction letter must be submitted.
A bank statement for the last three months must be submitted.
Vehicle price must be displayed. ?
National address.

The most important after-sales services that Imkan provides

A driver’s license can be renewed.
Vehicle ownership can be transferred.
Driver can be added.
The shape of the plate can be replaced.
Early repayment period can be obtained.
Insurance can be obtained.
It is possible to obtain a replacement for the lost form.
Lost plates can be replaced.
Internal and external authorization can be obtained.

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