Developed Social Security disbursement date

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Developed Social Security disbursement date

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has set a date for disbursing the developed social security payment for the month of Safar 1444, which thousands of beneficiaries are waiting for in order to purchase their requirements. Registration in the developed guarantee until next October for the largest number of citizens to benefit from it.

The date of disbursing the developed social security payment for the month of Safar 1444

The developed social security is scheduled to be disbursed in the month of Safar 1444 within a few days from now, as the support will be deposited in the beneficiaries’ accounts on September 1, 2022, corresponding to Safar 5, 1444, and the value of the support varies according to the number of beneficiaries, and the salary of the guarantee is disbursed on a monthly basis in the first From each Gregorian month to ensure a decent life for the poor and low-income, and you can benefit from it after registering and acknowledging your entitlement to obtain it.

Conditions for obtaining developed social 1444

In order to get the developed Social Security salary 1444, you must meet these conditions:

The applicant must be a Saudi national.
To be from poor and low-income families.
The monthly income of the family is 1100 Saudi riyals, and the individual is 550 Saudi riyals.
The applicants underwent a training and rehabilitation program to benefit from the pension.

Registration in the developed social 1444

Log in to the developed Social Security website.
Click on the e-services icon.
Choose Create a new account.
Enter the required data: “ID number, mobile number,…”.
Attach the required documents.
Agree to the said terms and conditions.
Click on submit the request to be examined.

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