Details of the National Bank of Kuwait phone service

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Details of the National Bank of Kuwait phone service

The Economy website displays the details of the National Bank of Kuwait phone service.

The National Bank said on its website: Your bank is close to you anywhere in the world. If you face any urgent matter related to your banking transactions, such as forgetting your password or having your card stolen, all you have to do is contact the NBK Call Center as we take care of your needs 24/7.

This service is available to all NBK customers.

Advantages offered

Inquiries about your accounts, credit cards and loans
Find out the details of the last 6 debit or deposit transactions on your accounts and credit cards
Make your credit card payments
Transfer funds between accounts
Activate cards
Report lost or stolen cards
Inquiries about currency exchange rates
Request a new check book
Speak to a customer service representative to assist you and answer your questions

You can access the service if you have at least one NBK Debit Card.

Your experience with the NBK Phone Service is now more comfortable and secure with the new “Automatic Customer Identification” feature, through which we can identify you and the account number associated with your phone.

How do I enter the service?

All you have to do is call 1801801 from inside Kuwait or from one of our international toll-free numbers from outside Kuwait:

France: 765 080 0805
Germany: 1475 181 0800
Italy: 255 792 800
Spain: 839159 900
Turkey: 9247 113 800 00
United Arab Emirates: 555 320 8000
United Kingdom: 456 988 08000
USA and Canada: 625 777 18555
All other countries 965 222

Services that I can access through the IVR system

The main services available through the IVR system are: Viewing your account balance and recent transactions, making NBK credit card payments, transferring funds between accounts, requesting a new checkbook, activating cards, listening to interest rates or foreign exchange rates

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