Details and steps for using Albilad Rewards Program from Saudi Bank Albilad

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Details and steps for using Albilad Rewards Program from Saudi Bank Albilad

The Economy website displays the details and steps for using the Albilad Rewards Program from Saudi Bank Albilad.

The Albilad Rewards customer loyalty program has been developed to enable our customers to earn points and redeem them for valuable rewards. Albilad Rewards Program enables you to redeem points to buy gift vouchers, get rewards related to travel and tourism, or even get cashback, which enables you to use your points to pay for your next transactions with Bank Albilad card from any store and at any time through point of sale machines.

All you need is to use the Bank Albilad card in your purchases, and for the payment you will get more and more points; After that, you can redeem these points for rewards through the Albilad Rewards loyalty programme.

How to register and enter the Albilad Rewards loyalty program

Login through Albilad or Albilad Net app
Choose country rewards from the main menu
Agree to the terms and conditions
You will be automatically transferred to your Albilad Rewards account

How to redeem points to get rewards?

In order to be able to redeem your points, log in to the Albilad Rewards Program website and you will be able to view a wide range of rewards and prizes in multiple categories and choose the one that suits you and then follow the instructions to get the chosen reward. Here is a look at the available categories:

Use your points to get flights with more than 550 airlines.

Hotel reservations
Use your points to book your hotel stay among more than 175,000 hotels around the world

Shopping discounts
You can use your points to get vouchers and discounts for shopping from the most popular stores and retailers. Present your e-voucher to the store at checkout and the value of the voucher will be deducted from the total amount.

Redeem points
Redeem your points for miles on the most popular frequent flyer programs and hotels.

Use your points to pay for your daily purchases with your Bank Albilad card, and get cashback within 7 days.

Please note that all reward points expire after one year from the date of issue

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