Children’s bedtime stories

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Children’s bedtime stories

Children’s bedtime stories

Children enjoy listening to beautiful stories before going to sleep. These stories are characterized by being a type of artistic literature, inspired by reality or imagination.

These stories are considered an enjoyable educational and pedagogical means for children, instilling in them moral and educational values, expanding their intellectual horizons, and enhancing their ability to imagine and visualize. We will mention In this article, there are some beautiful and interesting children’s stories.

The two losing crows

In a beautiful, lush forest, the animals heard the sound of a quarrel between two crows standing on a high tree branch. The cunning fox came forward and tried to understand the reason for their quarrel.

As soon as he got closer, he asked the crows: What’s wrong with you, crows? One of them said:
We agreed to share this piece of cheese after dividing it equally, but this foolish crow tried to take more than his share.

The fox smiled and said: So what do you think about me helping you solve this problem, and dividing the piece of cheese between you equally? The two crows looked at each other and agreed to the fox’s suggestion, and gave him a piece of cheese.

The fox divided the piece of cheese and said: Oh my God, I made a mistake in dividing it.

This piece seems larger than that one. I will eat from the larger piece a little until the two pieces are equal in size.

Justice is the basis.

He took a bite of the large piece until it became smaller than the first, so he apologized to the crows for his mistake and decided to eat from the first piece until they became equal in size.

This is the only solution, and the fox remained in this state, dividing the piece unevenly on purpose, then he ate from one piece and it became smaller than the other until He ate the whole piece of cheese as he planned, then ran away from the crows, and here the crows learned the importance of trying to solve their problems on their own without seeking help from anyone.

Hedgehog and small animals

There was a little hedgehog who lived in a beautiful forest called Qanfoud. He loved to play with animals, but the animals were afraid to play with him.

His back was full of thorns that hurt the animals when they approached the little hedgehog.

Sometimes he would puncture the rabbit’s ball when he was playing in it, and at other times it would hurt him. The turtle’s hand when he holds it to walk around together.

One day, the little hedgehog decided to enter his house and never leave it because he loved his friends very much and did not want to hurt them with his thorns.

Two days passed and the hedgehog was hiding in his house, not seeing anyone. The animals asked about the reason for his disappearance, and when they knew the reason, they decided to bring him a gift as a surprise to help him… Solve his problem.

The friends gathered and brought Qanfoud a gift and went to his house.

When they knocked on the door, he opened it for them with tears of longing filling his eyes.

The friends smiled and asked him to open the gift. Qanfoud opened the gift but found only small pieces of cork.

He did not understand what these were! The friends all approached and started placing these pieces on the thorns on Qanfoud’s back until they all covered them and hugged him with strength and love.

Then Qanfoud and his friends went to play in the forest without fear. Friendship is stronger than any problem can overcome.

Cunning fox

There was a large forest, and there was a lion in it that frightened the animals and harmed them. The animals of the forest gathered and decided to cooperate together and confront the lion’s brutality and harm.

They came up with a smart plan to lock him in a cage, and indeed their smart plan succeeded, so they trapped the lion and enjoyed living happily and safely.

One day, a small rabbit passed by the cage in which the lion was confined. The lion said to the rabbit: “Please, little rabbit, help me get out of this cage.” The rabbit replied: “No, I will never let you out. You torture animals and eat them.” The lion said: “I promise that I will not do these things again, and I will become a friend to all animals, and I will not harm any of them.”

The good little rabbit believed the lion’s words, so he opened the cage door for him and helped him out. As soon as the lion came out, he jumped on the rabbit and caught him, then said: “You are my first prey for today!” The rabbit started screaming and calling for help in panic, and there was a smart fox close to them. He heard the rabbit’s cries for help and ran quickly to help him. When he arrived, he went to the lion and spoke to him, saying: “I heard that you were locked in this cage. Is that really true?” The lion said: “Yes, the animals trapped me in it.”

The fox replied: “But I don’t believe that. How can a big and mighty lion like you fit inside this small cage? It seems that you are lying to me.” The lion replied: “I am not lying, and I will prove to you that I was inside this cage.” The lion entered the cage again to prove to the fox that he could fit inside it. The fox quickly approached the cage door, closed it tightly, and trapped the lion in it again, then said to the rabbit: “Never believe this lion again.”

The lion and the mouse

One day, the king of the jungle, the lion, was sleeping, and a small mouse climbed onto his back and started playing. The lion felt disturbed by the movement on his back and woke up angry, so he grabbed the mouse and decided to eat it directly. The mouse was very afraid and began to apologize to the lion for disturbing him, and he begged him to release him and He did not eat him, then he promised to save him one day if he freed him.

The lion laughed sarcastically. How could a small mouse help a strong lion, but he decided to leave him. After a few days had passed, a group of hunters came, captured the lion, and tied him tightly with ropes until they prepared a cage to put him in.

The mouse saw the lion in this state and remembered his promise to him, so he approached him and began to bite the ropes until he broke them, and the lion was able to escape and get away from the hunters. The mouse looked at the lion and said To him: “Didn’t I tell you that I would save you one day?” The lion regretted his belittling and mockery of the mouse, and thanked him profusely for saving him.

The bird and the elephant

In a distant forest full of large, beautiful trees, and many and varied animals, a little bird lived with its mother and siblings in a small nest built on the tops of one of the tall trees. One day, the bird went to the mother to search for food for her young children who could not fly, and while she was away from the nest, a wind blew. A strong shock shook the nest, and the little bird fell to the ground.

The little bird had not yet learned to fly, so it remained in its place, frightened, waiting for its mother to return. Meanwhile, a good elephant passed by, walking in the forest cheerfully, hitting the ground with its big feet, and singing loudly.

The bird felt very frightened, and began trying to hide from the elephant, but the elephant… He saw him and said to him: “Are you all right, beautiful little bird? Did you fall from the tree?” But the bird was very afraid and could not answer the elephant, and it was shivering greatly from fear and cold, so the elephant was sad and decided to bring some tree leaves and put them around it to warm it.

A cunning fox came and saw the elephant talking to the bird and then going away to bring him papers. He approached the bird when the elephant was gone, and asked him: “Why are you here on the ground, little bird?” The little bird told him that he had fallen from his nest.

The fox said cunningly: “I know where your nest is, bird, and I will return you to it, but first you must get rid of the elephant, for it is an evil animal and wants to harm you.”

At this moment, the elephant returned carrying the leaves. The fox moved away and hid behind the trees, watching the bird. The elephant placed the leaves around the bird, which felt warm, and then said to the elephant: “Good elephant, I am feeling hungry.

Can you bring me some food?” This was the bird’s idea to keep the elephant away from him so that the fox could return it to its nest and its brothers.

The elephant is big and very scary, and as for the fox, it looks good and has beautiful fur with wonderful colors. The elephant replied: “Sure, bird. I will bring you some grains, but be careful of The other animals and don’t move from your place until I come back.”

The fox approached the bird when the elephant was gone and said to it: “Let’s go so I can return you to your nest, bird.” He picked him up and moved away behind the tree. Suddenly the fox’s features changed, and he threw the bird on the ground and then attacked it to prey on it and eat it.

The bird began screaming loudly: “Save me! Please save me.” ! The elephant heard the bird’s voice, so he ran back and saw the fox trying to prey on the bird.

He ran quickly and hit the fox, which ran away. The elephant picked up the bird and said to him: “Didn’t I tell you not to go away, bird?” The bird confessed: “Actually, I was afraid of you, Elephant.

You are big, huge, and bulky, and I am a very small bird.” The Elephant replied with great sadness: “Elephant, I do not eat small animals. I only want to help you, and you must learn that… “No one should be judged by their shape or size, but only by their actions.” Then the elephant took the bird and returned it to the tree from which it fell, and its mother was looking for it with great fear. She was very happy when she saw him, and thanked the elephant for helping her.

Fox and grapes

There was a small fox walking in the forest, and suddenly he saw a bunch of grapes hanging from one of the high branches, and he said: “This is what I needed to quench my thirst.” The fox said to himself happily, then he took a few steps back and jumped trying to catch the bunch, but he failed, so he tried once. A second, a third, and he kept trying to no avail. Finally, after losing hope, the fox walked away from the tree, saying arrogantly: “They are sour fruits anyway… I don’t want them anymore!” The moral of the story is that it is very easy to criticize what you cannot reach.

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