Simian pox: Public health explains the measures to be taken

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ali mohamed27 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Simian pox: Public health explains the measures to be taken

dr. Luc Boileau held a press conference yesterday to explain to citizens how to recognize monkey pox or be commonly referred to as monkeypox and what measures should be taken.

He started by stating that we were still a long way from the contagiousness and magnitude of COVID-19, but that it was good to act quickly on prevention.

The 25 confirmed cases are currently in Montreal and the majority of those infected are men who are actively sexual with other men. There are also several people under investigation.

The most obvious symptom of this disease is obvious lesions on the mouth and genitals. These symptoms may be preceded by fever, night sweats, headache, swollen glands, joint and/or muscle pain.

The transmission
The virus spreads through close, prolonged, and intimate contact with another person. The incubation period is usually very short, we are talking about five to seven days. On the other hand, it can take up to three to five weeks.

In most cases, the disease resolves on its own within two to four weeks. It is quite rare for serious complications to occur.

What to do in case of contact?
The federal government gave Quebec a dose of vaccine against the disease on Tuesday. According to the recommendations of Public Health, a person who has been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case can receive a dose. The ideal is to receive it within four days.

As with COVID-19, there are ways to avoid the risk of contamination.

If you come into contact with someone who is infected or has symptoms, check for possible symptoms and avoid intimate contact. In addition, in case of symptoms of illness, you should quickly consult a health professional, isolate yourself at home and do not come into contact with family members.

If you have to meet people, wear the mask at all times, wash your hands regularly, and cover your lesions with clothing, bandages, or bandages. Sharing of objects is prohibited.

The isolation can be lifted when all lesions have disappeared or you have been given the green light by a health member.

If Public Health wanted to talk about this new virus, it is as a preventive measure and to quickly describe the disease.


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