Netflix Adds Warning To Stranger Things Episode After Texas Shooting

ali mohamed
ali mohamed27 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Netflix Adds Warning To Stranger Things Episode After Texas Shooting

Netflix has added a last-minute content warning to the opening episode of the final season of Stranger Things following the Texas school shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 children.

The show’s fourth season premiere will premiere worldwide on Friday, just days after the mass shooting at Robb primary school in Uvalde. The season reportedly kicks off with a telekinetic massacre showing several dead children covered in blood.

“We filmed this season of Stranger Things a year ago,” the warning reads. “But given the recent tragic shooting at a Texas school, viewers may find the opening scene of episode one disturbing. We are deeply saddened by this unspeakable violence, and our hearts go out to every family mourning a loved one.”

A Netflix spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter: “We’ve decided to add the card given the premiere’s proximity to this tragedy — and because the opening scene is very graphic.”

The warning will only be displayed to viewers in the US.

Netflix also updated the episode description to read: “Warning: Contains graphic violence involving children.”

After Tuesday’s Uvalde shooting, Lifetime postponed the release of the TV movie The Bad Seed Returns, about a murderous high school student, while CBS drew the season finale of the procedural drama FBI, originally scheduled to air that night. The episode reportedly featured a storyline about a student’s possible involvement in a deadly robbery.


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