Rebel with a clause: why Payne wants Haas out of the Broncos?

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ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Rebel with a clause: why Payne wants Haas out of the Broncos?

Haas is now much more aware of his worth and clear about his goals, as he takes charge of his life.

Flanagan offside with Dogs

Shane FlanaganHis aggressive and public pursuit of the Canterbury coach job will be a major contributor to his missing out on the gig.

Flanagan almost certainly talked himself out of the Bulldog’s lane, accidentally placing an even bigger target on the back of his pressured son Kylea† This is despite the fact that members of Canterbury’s board of directors thought positively of him.

Flanagan is an excellent coach, but comments in a podcast for Fox Sports during the week that were seen as criticism of his son’s management by the Bulldogs will cost him.

“What’s happened in the last 12 or 18 months hasn’t been great for Kyle,” Flanagan said on the podcast. “And that’s not criticizing anyone, it’s just the circumstances he was in. He didn’t play half of last year and didn’t start this year and he lost a lot of confidence.

“He’s a much better footballer than he’s shown now. He’s definitely got some holes in his game that he needs to work on – I’m just not sure if he’s getting those in training at the moment.”


Flanagan senior says he was unaware of an offer made to the agent he shares with Kyle, Wayne Beavisof an exchange deal with Dragon Jayden Sullivan† It’s one possible move that Flanagan would have some degree of involvement in: first as Kyle’s father and second as the Dragons’ recruiting head.

Under the proposed deal, Shane had the chance to take Kyle to the Dragons and lead him into a system he’s part of, but the trade didn’t happen.

The proposed deal may have gone silent, but Flanagan Sr’s criticism of the way his son was coached at the Bulldogs changed that. Shane put Kyle in the line of fire and now the Bulldogs aren’t happy. They want to know how well Sullivan is coached: he’s a semi who is occasionally used off the couch as a whore.

Flanagan declined to discuss his podcast comments, but insists he has no problem with the coaching Kyle received at Canterbury and cannot understand the reaction to what he said.

Flanagan said the swap deal wasn’t on his radar and wasn’t going to be. Though they don’t want to be quoted, the message was clear that the Dragons don’t want to let Sullivan go.

It seems highly likely that Shane, and maybe even Kyle, will need to relaunch their careers outside of Belmore.

The NFL is coming

The NRL is attacked again by another code. This time it’s not the AFL, football or rugby, it’s the NFL.

Later this year chief executive Charlotte Offord will move to the Gold Coast to run Australia’s first NFL office. Offord was here last month doing the rounds with sponsors and media, talking about raising awareness of the game and growing revenue.

Make no mistake though, the NFL has designated Australia as a breeding ground for players not just here but across the Pacific. From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Samoan mother, who lived briefly in Auckland as a child) against the offensive tackle of Philadelphia Eagles Jordan Mailata (Samoan heritage), the Pacific Ocean has been a breeding ground for American football players, although not all have reached the NFL level.

The NFL hopes to discover another Jordan Mailata or two in Australia.

The NFL hopes to discover another Jordan Mailata or two in Australia.Credit:Getty

Now they have a base, and there are rumors that a combination (a showcase of promising talent) and an academy will soon follow. NFL scouts have been spotted at recent league carnivals, so the threat is real that rather than pull the Brisbane jumper, the next Selwyn Cobbo could play for the Denver Broncos.

dragon the necklace

Michael Maguire knows he is coaching for his future, and was a bad sign Wests Tigers stopped chasing Dragons Utility Jack Bird. Maguire was eager to capture Bird and key playmaker Jackson Hastings was also working on the idea.


The club dismissed the coach – their experience with other big names with injury histories put them off. This clearly shows that Maguire is not getting everything to his liking.

Sonny and share

Paul Gallen made more money in a short space of time in boxing than in his storied career in rugby league, but he knows he’s left plenty of money on the table. He is convinced that a series of three fights against Sonny Bill Williams would have brought the fighters at least $10 million. It’s hard to argue with that, as Gallen made over $500,000 from his last fight against relatively unknown Kris Terzievskicwho did little to promote the match.

By George, he’s got it

George Burgess will be on the silver screen again, this time in the upcoming local movie Christmas† The Dragon has a cameo as a doorman at the Beer Barn and is involved in one of the key scenes. The film, about an unsentimental Aussie Christmas, will be shot in Campbelltown and the fourth feature film by Heath Davis, whose earlier films, Brokegrasshoppers and book weekreceived critical acclaim.

Mold content

Mal Meninga got a lot of flak for the Titans’ failures on the field, and as a high earner, he’s entitled to some of the blame. Meninga is no longer the club’s head of culture and performance, but he’s not ducking for cover.

“My role at the club was reduced two years ago due to COVID and I no longer live on the Gold Coast,” said Meninga, who now lives in Canberra. “My role is senior advisor. I speak to the coach and the recruitment manager every week. I occasionally sit in conversations in the football department. I go to the coast at least monthly, but mostly by phone or video conferencing. I am not involved in the daily [operations]But I did help to prepare the club for the future, although things are clearly not going well for us at the moment.”

Wayne Bennett and Benji Marshall will be reunited during the retired star's testimonial function.

Wayne Bennett and Benji Marshall will be reunited during the retired star’s testimonial function.Credit:Getty

benji . to celebrate

Few players have had a greater impact on the footballers of this generation than Benji Marshall† He changed the way they attacked and showed so much toughness coming back from five major shoulder surgeries.
Now that that great career is being honored with a testimonial on June 9th, it will be a star-studded event with the likes of Tim SheensWayne Bennett and Robbie Farah to speak. It is hosted by Channel Nine’s Emma Lawrence and there are still a few tickets available. Visit for more information.

Rinse, repeat Laundy

There has been a lot of news about the relationship between the Bulldogs and their main sponsor, Laundy Hotels. It appears to be in fair condition, given Arthur Laundy and Phil Gould caught up during the week at Canterbury League Club. The result is likely an extension of the sponsorship deal, but it’s worth noting that they’ve been front-of-jumper sponsors at a heavily discounted rate. The club should have a million dollar sponsor on the front of the jersey.

Strong base

More than 400 guests attended the Chumpy Pullin Foundation’s inaugural gala dinner on May 19. The foundation honors the legacy of snowboarding world champions Alex “Chumpy” Pullin, who died tragically two years ago while freediving on the Gold Coast. More than $100,000 was raised, with investor Trevor Folsom Paying $16,000 for Pullin’s Red Bull helmet. Pro surfer and World Surf League commentator Laura Enever won a Harley-Davidson in a raffle, which she generously donated back to the foundation. It was won on a new draw by former world champion Joel Parkinson

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